The definition of business:

Project Description KOLTEK is the consultant for the provision of construction supervision and post construction services for 228 furniture stores and 55 furniture manufacturing plants. The cumulative value of services in terms of designs reviewed and total construction area supervised are:
• Construction area: 460.590 m²

Our Role
Supervision Services during Construction

•Review and approval of designs prepared by contractors
•Reviewing As-Built drawings and approval
•Construction Progress Monitoring
•Contract Administration
•Claims Appraisal
•Coordination with Beneficiaries
•Inspecting Health and Safety procedures at site
•Quality Control including approval of materials to be used andprocedures
•Ensuring mechanical and electrical tests are performed
•Inspection services
•Ensuring the operational tests are performed for infrastructure
•Temporary and final acceptance of the works
•Controlling final payments and submitting to the ContractingAuthority on time.
•Review of Soil Investigation Report
Post Construction Services
•Ensuring Certificate of occupancy is in place
•Getting title deeds
•Handing over Housing units to their Owners
•Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals
•Claims Management
•Defects, Liability and Maintenance after Construction