The definition of business:

Conducting drainage survey, hydrology, and geological study to determine the reasons why parallel cracks and settlements and collapses are occurring on the runway and taxiway asphalt shoulders and in the grassy areas of the airfield in İncirlik, Adana, Turkey. Identify specific problem areas, recommend and prioritize future projects (five to ten years), including rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates that will mitigate problematic soils.

Scope of Works
The scope consists of a comprehensive site investigation including trial pits and carrying out the appropriate laboratory tests over representative disturbed and undisturbed soil samples; evaluation of the field observations and laboratory test results; and finally providing the recommendations for mitigation of the geotechnical problems pertaining to the project site including the rough estimates of cost.

Our Role
Conduct drainage survey, hydrology, and geotechnical study on both sides of runway, overruns, taxitracks, North Parallel Taxiway, South Parallel Taxiway and shoulders of Hardstands in the Incirlik airfield, in accordance with the latest US and Turkish regulations that are applicable. Prepare a report including geotechnical inspections, general observations, recommendations and database.

The survey includes:
• Geotechnical tests and surveys to determine the existingsoil (subgrade) profiles, classification, and load bearingratios in the grassy area one meter from edge of theshoulder,
• Geotechnical tests to determine all characteristic profileand properties of new required base course andsubbase course material that needs to be used undernew asphalt shoulder on typical future shoulder repairprojects,
• Record video of subdrainage pipe system on the runway,to determine cracks, breaks, laterals and connections,IAW section 8.3.5, 8.3.6 and 8.3.7 of ASCE/EPA Coop.Agreement CP 828955-01-0. Submit video in mpgformat with separate files for each pipeline segmentbetween clean outs..
• Recommend, in narrative form in a report, a ten-yearplan (including rough cost estimates) to improve thesubdrainage and surface drainage system on the airfieldsuch as pipe and manhole replacements, size increases,manhole adjustments, new manholes, new pipes etc.Determine stability of soil in general, and providefindings regarding the soil’s resistance to subsidenceand shrink-swell capacity. Identify soil grouping, and citepotential problems associated with expansive clays andways to mitigate their effects on the grassy area of theairfield and paved shoulders.