The contract for the consultancy services to be provided under the “Supervision Services for Construction of Removal Centres for the Effective Implementation of the EU – Turkey Readmission Agreement” financed by the European Union (EuropeAid), was signed between KOLTEK / HIDROTEK Joint Venture and Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) on 11.02.2019 in Ankara.


Scope of Works

Lot – 1: Construction of one Removal Centre in Adana

Lot – 2: Construction of one Removal Centre in Kütahya

Lot – 3: Construction of one Removal Centre in Malatya

Lot – 4: Construction of one Removal Centre in Niğde

Lot – 5: Construction of one Removal Centre in Şanlıurfa

Lot – 6: Construction of one Removal Centre in Balıkesir


The services to be provided within the scope of the 39-month project are as follows;

Supervision Services during Construction

• Review and approval of designs prepared by contractors

• Reviewing As-Built drawings and approval

• Construction Progress Monitoring

• Contract Administration

• Claims Appraisal

• Coordination with Beneficiaries

• Inspecting Health and Safety procedures at site

• Quality Control including approval of materials to be used and procedures

• Ensuring mechanical and electrical tests are performed

• Inspection services

• Ensuring the operational tests are performed for infrastructure

• Temporary and final acceptance of the works

• Controlling final payments and submitting to the Contracting Authority on time.

• Review of Soil Investigation Report


Post Construction Services

• Ensuring Certificate of occupancy is in place

• Getting title deeds

• Handing over Housing units to their Owners

• Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

• Claims Management

• Defects, Liability and Maintenance after Construction

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