Local administrations invest in and struggle for the supply and distribution of healthy water and collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater and storm water for a habitable environment to a large extent.

From the day of its establishment, KOLTEK has been attaching considerable importance to the design of environment friendly infrastructure projects according to the operational conditions of the relevant geography when producing the technically suitable and economical solutions.

  • Project management
  • General coordination
  • Construction management
  • Quality control
  • Socio-economic and institutional studies, master plans
  • Design services
  • Construction supervision
  • Consultancy and support to the Administration
  • Technical and financial studies
  • Social and environmental impact assessment
  • Operation and maintenance support
  • Capacity building
  • Preparation of tender documents

  • Manavgat Water and Wastewater Project Supervision and Technical Support Services (EU-funded – FIDIC Red Book) / Turkey
  • Sewerage System and Wastewater Treatment Plant Main Collector Line Investigation of Final Design, and Construction Supervision Consultancy Services for Preparation of Tender Documents (IBRD financed) / Turkey
  • Rajma, Ghot Es-Sultan and Benghazi Plain Water Supply Project (Libya is part of Great Man Made River Project) / Libya
  • Ismaili Rayonu Water, Sewerage System and Wastewater Treatment Plant / Azerbaijan
  • Aghsu Rayonu Water, Sewerage System and Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Design / Azerbaijan
  • Goptapa-Chamchamal Water Supply Project / Iraq
  • Bursa, Elazig, Turkey, Aydin, integrated water supply of large cities such as Tekirdag projects (State Hydraulic Works Projects) / Turkey