The definition of business:

The Republic of Iraq received a loan from the World Bank for improving the water supply in the city Al-Naser, Thi Qar Governate. The whole project, of which the Al-Naser water treatment plant is part of, will improve the supply
with clean water for about 250.000 people. In combination with the erection of new water supply systems also the capacity of institutions in planning, managing, supervision, project implementation, operation and maintains will be improved. The proposed advanced water treatment process can ensure good quality water that would meet national standards and WHO drinking water standards.

Scope of Services
The project consists of Completion of the construction of the civil works of a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Al-Naser, Thi-Qar Governorate together with supply, assembling testing and commissioning of raw water and treated water mains and of the mechanical, electrical and instrumental equipment, as per the content of the detailed design that will be supplied as part of the Bid Documents.
Plant Capacity: Drinking water WTP net output required by the project is 1.000 (one thousand) cubic metre per hour (m³/h).

Our Role
•Prepare Modified design and drawings for any missing, faulty orrequired parts in the original design as per client instruction.
•Site inspection of construction works
•Supervision of the procurement of civil works, parts andequipment to be supplied by the Contractor/Supplier
•Assist the Client with regards to potential claim or disputesarising under the Contract between the Client and theContractor. Prepare and execute claims for insurance purposesof own initiative or as requested by the Client or as required bythe financing agencies;
•Review and certify all laboratory test reports of the materialsand equipment for compliance with specifications.
•Prepare monthly progress reports on works
•Supervise the start-up, commissioning and operation of thecompleted civil and electromechanical works and make surethat all project components are fully operational and functional
•Executing works during “Temporary Acceptance”, “DefectsLiability Period” and “Final Acceptance” stages.