The definition of business:

Punjab Saaf Pani Company (PSPC) is a publicly owned company. PSPCintends to develop projects and water solution to provide safe drinking water to the under-served rural and peri-urban population, using localized and customized solutions with regards to sources, treatment technologies, cost benefit analysis and supply options and sustainable O&M models with community engagement and participation.

Scope of Works
The problem of drinking water is very diverse and complex in nature and demands varying engineering, institutional and O&M solutions. One does not fit at all. These multiple options for different locations would depend upon the
level of contamination, demographic, cost benefit analysis and health related profiles and on the availability and quality of the existing water source. Therefore, a system based, integrative and holistic approach needs to be adopted.

Our Role
•Identification of water supply solutions
•Preparation of feasibility reports
•Development of project reports for every sub-project
•Construction supervision